Meeting Dates: The first Wednesday of each month (except for July and August)

Time: 7 p.m. (meetings last about 1½ hrs.)

Location: Tanglewood Center, 10 Austin Ave., (off Hansen Ave.), Lyndora/Butler, PA

Agendas: Besides the regular club business there is usually a program and a presentation by either a club member or a guest. We also subscribe to the APS booklet program so there are often stamps to buy. As well, club members often have material to sell or exchange.

Spring Show: Our 2014 Stamp Show dates will be May 9 and 10. Stamp Dealers from all over the country assemble for a one or two day bourse. At this event club members are invited to display items of philatelic interest.

Summer Picnic: In late summer club members usually gets together for a summer picnic prior to the beginning of the "stamp" season.

Christmas Party: A Christmas dinner is usually held in early December at a local restaurant.

For More Information Contact: Tom Sivak 724-285-4400 or 724-287-1931

Brief History of the Club

The Butler County Philatelic Society came into existence with a constitution dated 1 February 1914. Eight charter members are identified in the document.

  1. Ed L. Smith
  2. Michael Kartisky
  3. Roy J. Regal
  4. Edward O. Hanffed
  5. Arthur B. Port
  6. Norman May
  7. Harry Bauer
  8. James Byerly
There were probably "stamp club" meetings prior to this formalization. Various meeting notes identify Michael Kartisky as having a membership number of 22 and six others with lower numbers. However, there are no records that associate membership numbers with other charter members. Thus it is assumed that the above names were those available to "sign" at that meeting. There are currently 247 society members to date. The objective of the society has remained steadfast - the promotion of the collecting and study of all phases of philately and to assist members and others to acquire and/or dispose of materials by purchase, sale or exchange by legitimate means.