Meeting Dates: The second Wednesday of each month (except for the three summer months of June, July and August) Time: 10:30am. (meetings last about 1-2; hrs.) Location: Tanglewood Center, 10 Austin Ave., (off Hansen Ave.), Lyndora/Butler, PA

Agendas: Besides the regular club business there is usually a program, a presentation by either a club member or a guest. We also subscribe to the APS booklet program so there are often stamps to buy. As well, club members often have material to sell or exchange. Several times a year we have a club auction.

Spring Show: In May every year the club hosts an annual Stamp Show. Stamp Dealers from all over the country assemble for a one or two day bourse. At this event club members are invited to display items of philatelic interest.

Summer Picnic: In late summer club members usually gets together for a summer picnic prior to the beginning of the season.

Christmas Party: A Christmas dinner is usually held in early December at a local restaurant.

For More Information Contact: Roy Milhouse – 724-444-0742, or please fill out our membership inquiry page.

The objective of the society has remained steadfast: the promotion of the collecting and study of all phases of philately and to assist members and others to acquire and/or dispose of materials by purchase, sale or exchange by legitimate means.

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